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Milk Fed Pastured Beef

~ USDA Certified and Inspected ~


Price Packaged Availability
Filet Mignon $20.00/lb 2/pkg available
Ribeye Steak $15.00/lb 2/pkg almost gone
NY Strip Steak $15.00/lb 2/pkg sold out
Sirloin Steak $12.00/lb 2/pkg sold out
Top Round Steak $6.00/lb 2/pkg sold out
Cube Steak $7.50/lb 2/pkg almost gone
Skirt Steak $7.50/lb 2/pkg almost gone
Short Ribs $4.50/lb 2/pkg almost gone
Standing Rib Roast $8.00/lb 1/pkg almost gone
Rump/Chuck/Arm Roast $6.00/lb 1/pkg available
Ground Chuck $5.25/lb 2 lb pkg sold out
Liver $3.50/lb   available
## Burger Special ## coming soon TBD
## Special -coming soon## sold out TBD
## Special-coming soon## sold out TBD

Half Cow



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Grass Fed Beef Available Now

Milf Fed Pastured Beef Available

in Late Summer by special order only


How to Order:

Please email or call 304-466-2528 to place an order

Our beef, eggs, and produce are available for pick-up at the farm

(email or call for directions)


We can meet you weekdays in the Blacksburg, VA area


Occasionally at Farmer's Markets in

Narrows, VA ~ Wend-Sat

Hinton, WV ~ Friday 7am-12pm

Lewisburg, WV ~ Wend/Sat

Pence Springs Flea Market (WV) ~ Sun 7am-1pm

(email or call for days we are at the market)


Our Beef Story

Growing-up here in the Greenbrier Valley farming was our way of life. I grew-up on my family’s farm raising our own beef, pork, and chicken.  I didn't realize what we had here until I moved away.  I left for school and bigger better brighter things.

It was not until I landed in NY, the Hamptons of all places, that I realized I couldn't find any good beef. I couldn't even find grass fed beef that tasted like meat from home.  I went to a few high end steak houses and found quality prime beef that was actually delicious.  However, it had been dry aged for months, it was very fatty, and what a price tag!

Twenty five years later, a few successes and a few failures behind me, I find myself back on the family farm.  I now have a chance to share what my father and grandfather started by building on my father’s breeding program of crossing Angus beef cows with some local Holstein dairy cows to get a cow that is 75% Angus and 25% Holstein.  They have bigger frames and heavier milk production than most beef cows.  These girls are our primary producers.  They are ideal for producing our unique product, milk fed – pasture raised beef. Ahh! What beef we get too.  The meat from milk fed pasture raised beef results in the best steaks, roasts, and burgers out there.  It is both delicious and tender as well as healthy and lean.    

Our cows and calves are all grass fed.  They have access to shelters when they want or need it. We are working toward more of a controlled grazing schedule were we can keep the cows and calves contained in certain fields until the forage in that field needs a break.  Some day soon that will be all over the farm.  We have about 30-40% of the farm under controlled grazing with more being added as time and finances allow. With nearly 400 acres owned and leased it has been and continues to be a huge undertaking.

We are a small operation but we grow a bit every year! This our first year of direct marketing sales to the general public.   We will soon add our grass fed beef to the list of products offered as well. 

Our milk fed pastured beef calves are processed at around 800-1000 lbs as opposed to 1200-1500 lbs as other operations do. The result is amazing great flavor and the perfect amount of marbling for juicy tender deliciousness! All from grass and milk. Our cuts are smaller than your average, as you may have guessed.  With a complete and well balanced plate, I have yet to have a need to go back for seconds.





Rocky Wickline
Hinton, WV
(304) 466-2528





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