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Our eggs come from Free Range Heritage Bred chickens.

Our chickens frolic in the sun, chase bugs, and graze on grass.

They are not stuck in a coup or pen all day which makes a huge

difference in the taste and nutrition of the eggs they produce.

They are protected by donkeys during the day and locked up at night.

One dozen eggs: $3.00

We are USDA certified to sell eggs


How to Order:

Please email or call 304-466-2528 to place an order

Our beef, eggs, and produce are available for pick-up at the farm

(email or call for directions)


We can meet you weekdays in the Blacksburg, VA area


Occasionally at Farmer's Markets in

Narrows, VA ~ Wend-Sat

Hinton, WV ~ Friday 7am-12pm

Lewisburg, WV ~ Wend/Sat

Tamarack Farmer's Market ~ Sun 11:30-3:30

Pence Springs Flea Market (WV) ~ Sun 7am-1pm

(email or call for days we are at the market)




Rocky Wickline
Hinton, WV
(304) 466-2528




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