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About Three Falls Farm

Three Falls Farm is family owned and operated by Rocky Wickline, Ethan Wickline, and Tara Pilonero. We are located in a beautiful valley in Forest Hill, WV. We raise healthy farm fresh foods, provide lumber and firewood products, and raise wooly miniature donkeys.

We provide a unique beef product that is both healthy and delicious. Our cows graze on lush pastures and our beef is processed while still consuming milk at about 900lbs. Our milk fed pastured beef results in amazing flavor and lower fat content without compromising tenderness or juciness. It cuts with a butter knife! Yum.

Our heritage bred free-range chickens provide fresh eggs all year round. Since our chickens spend their days chasing bugs and grazing on grass the eggs taste delicious and are healthier for you.

We are just starting to offer some fresh cut flowers and heirloom vegetables at some local Farmer's Markets this year. Next year we are planning to add some log cultivated mushrooms to the venue.

Due to a need to clean-up the farm to re-claim it's original condition there is a fair amount of wood that can be harvested. We are able to offer custom order lumber and firewood products from our clean-up efforts. We do not clear cut. The wood is harvested from sound farm and forest maintenance practices.

We also breed and raise rare and exotic wooly miniature donkeys. We often have our registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys available for sale as pets, show animals, and quality breeding stock. The donkeys are operated under the co-farm name Stay A While Farm and can be viewed on a separate website.


We are now providing:

Milk Fed Pastured Beef

Eggs from Free Range Chickens

Custom Cut Lumber and Firewood

Produce and Cut Flowers at Farmer's Markets

Mushrooms ~ coming in 2014

Wooly Miniature Donkeys @ Stay A While Farm website



Rocky Wickline
Hinton, WV
(304) 466-2528



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