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We are in the process of making the old farm new again which means it is necessary to clean-up. Old dormant fields need to be cleared again and turned back into pastures and, old fence-lines need to be cleaned up and rebuilt. We are able to get a great deal of lumber from our clean-up efforts. We are not cutting down our forestland. We are trying to re-create the original footprint of the old farm and so we are able to offer some timber products in the process.


Custom Cut Lumber

Red or White Oak $0.92+/board foot
Black Walnut $2.75+/board foot
Pine $0.72+/board foot
Cherry $1.50+/board foot
Poplar $0.75+/board foot

We can saw custom orders, and have a good stock of inventory on hand.

Prices vary depending on quality and quantity of wood.

Discounts given for bulk orders over 3000 board feet.


Custom Cut Firewood

Hickory $300/cord
White Oak $200/cord
Red Oak $185/cord
Cherry $185/cord
Mixed Hardwoods $200/1.5 cords

Free Delivery of firewood within 15 miles of the farm!

$1/mile over 15 miles



Rocky Wickline
Hinton, WV
(304) 466-2528



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